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An Inventory clerk should be independent so that the report produced

can be trusted to be true by the Tenant, The Agent and The Landlord

Attention to Detail Is Key

At the start of a tenancy we check the property for cleanliness, decorative order, and contents. We open the drawers and if there are marks inside or the drawers jam, we note it so that you can’t be blamed. We look for evidence of professional cleaning because when you leave you will be expected to leave the property clean too. We look at the windows – is there any evidence of mould, are the curtains marked, is the curtain rail missing a finial. We also check the alarms work and that all the lights work too. We look in the soap drawer of the washing machine and shine our torches into the oven and take photos of what we find.

We Work With You


We’ll send a report to you by email and you have seven days to let us know of anything that our sharp eyes have missed before the final report goes on file.

We Are Fair


A tenancy deposit can be hefty in the South East and as a tenant you want to make sure that any deductions are fair.

What To Expect at the End of Your Tenancy

At the end of the tenancy we take the report which has been produced by us, or by another clerk and go through it all again.  We have to take into account fair wear and tear so that if you have lived in a property for ten years, we don’t expect it to be in the same condition.  We do check however to find out of any changes, recent redecoration and so on. If you’ve only be there 6 months however we will worry about recent damage and chips. The report may be very short – we only report problems and issues so no problem, no comment.

What can you do ahead of the Check Out?

  • Make sure you have a copy of the Inventory which was done when you moved in.
  • If you are expected to have it cleaned to a professional standard when you leave then do that. You may be good at housework and if you know how to make a cooker shine like new and get every bit of limescale off the shower screen you can you do it yourself but professional cleaners, although you’ll have to pay for them can make a home sparkle and avoid arguments about the deposit.

  • If it’s a furnished property put everything back where it should be. If you put things in a box in the shed they must be back. If we can’t see them easily you could be charged for missing items.
  • Don’t still be packing when we arrive. We can’t do the inventory while a move is taking place around us and you may be charged for a wasted visit.
  • Don’t leave lots of rubbish outside the property. If someone has to go to the tip, or tidy the front garden they may charge you.


Should Tenants do their own Check Out?

Should Tenants do their own Check Out?

From time to time I read that there is no need for a Check Out Inspection, a tenant can take some photos and that will be good enough. Certainly, the risk of Covid-19 is reduced but in our experience that is the only good point. Using an experienced Inventory Clerk is...

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What is Clean??

What is Clean??

One of the biggest areas of dispute according to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) in their report on adjudications is cleaning (54% of disputes recorded). This covers two different situations. The property was professionally cleaned before occupation with...

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The Case of the Missing Washing Machine

The Case of the Missing Washing Machine

Usually when we do a Check Out based on a check list or better still, a correctly documented Inventory, our detective skills are limited to finding misplaced items such as chairs which have been moved to other rooms, or pictures which the tenants have...

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